Family Union

Since October 2000, Mtr. Listhaeghe is responsible for the social and legal service of the Family Union District Bruges, where the members may gather information on different legal themes (often private and family law), every second Thursday of the month. The sessions take place in the retirement home Van Zuylen, Geralaan 50 in Sint-Kruis, Bruges from 18 hours till 20 hours.

Every three months, Mtr. Listhaeghe publishes a legal and practical article in the 'Bondsklapper', the informing magazine of the Family Union District Bruges (see publications).

Since January 2002, Mtr. Listhaeghe is a member of the management for Family Union.

Mtr. Listhaeghe also inserts information evenings for the Family Union concerning current legal themes, often ticklish questions.




  1. Divorce: a legal joust?
  2. Current forms of cohabitation: real and legal co-habitants and spouses.
  3. Disputes between neighbours: how to prevent them?
  4. Property planning during the marriage.
  5. Snags in the closing of contracts.